Dicas do que usar para as primaveras

Tips on what to wear for spring

What to wear Primaveras Quente, Clara e Viva

What was missing has arrived!! The series tips: WHAT TO WEAR for SPRINGS!!

A season of light, warm and bright colors! The (climatic) season we love, with days that are neither too cold nor too hot, are perfect days, just like this spring's palette (season of the expanded seasonal method)! Perfect colors, not too light, not too dark!

What to Wear for the Spring Seasons

Spring Color Palettes

Primavera Clara with tones "diluted" in water - light and very subtle! In this season's palette we have warm, clear and delicate colors, like a flower garden with radiant colors on a sunny spring day.

In Spring Viva, this garden gains more brightness in its colors. Very vibrant tones, as if they were valuable jewels/stones - emerald green, topaz blue, ruby ​​red and, of course, gold!! Ufa!! It's a lot of wealth and a lot of shine!! hahahaha

Hot Spring is not far behind! Its tones are bright: corals, oranges and peaches, in addition, of course, to the same jewel tones as Primavera Viva , including beautiful turquoise, emerald green, vibrant pinks and yellowish blues.

The Spring Palettes

Spring color combinations

This season's palette is similar to a box of colored pencils. Yessss, the one that we died (lived, or still live) in love with so many wonderful colors that we took to school!

These high saturation colors should be in your look! Ever!! Everything about you is golden, so enjoy and use your colors in the best possible way. Mix warm light and cold light pieces, which have the same depth, even if they are of opposite temperatures, they are very similar and are harmonious together.

what to wear spring clear
what to wear hot spring

At Primavera Viva, high contrast also needs to appear in your look. And the best way to create this high contrast is by "mixing" light and dark tones. Springs can and should abuse their colors. Remember: the more "different" the combination, the more amazing you will be. Tip of millions: for those who love a colorblock in their production, this is the right season for it! Bold and vibrant!

What to wear springs in combinations

The Fabrics of Spring

Unlike Summers, this is the season for sparkles and sequins! That's because the "protagonism" of the high contrast of a Spring demands and can sustain! Even in Primavera Clara, considered the most discreet of the 3!

If you prefer neutral tones instead of more saturated colors, leave the brightness in the fabrics, which is where you will enhance your natural beauty even more!

But, if you like to shine and cause a stir wherever you go, now is the time!! hahahaha

what to wear springs: fabrics

The Prints of Spring

Primavera are bright and medium to light in depth, which means that your prints should show exactly that. Colorful, cheerful, energetic and fresh!

In Primavera Clara, these vibrant colors must have a more subtle touch and without exaggeration of contrasts (B&W no way!), aiming, of course, to harmonize with the delicacy of this profile. Warm colors without boldness, ok?! Contrary to what many people think, the contrast of "light-eyed blondes" is not done with dark tones, it's just the opposite! And the background is always clear!

In Primavera Quente and Viva, the use of saturated and vibrant colors is freer!! Use and abuse, with good taste so as not to look ridiculous and look fancy! Prints (background in the color of the palette) that are slightly contrasting and intense, composed of mixtures of light and medium colors.

prints for spring
prints for spring

The Spring Makeup

A Spring Light looks perfect when your makeup is soft and light. This is the look that favors the most delicate beauty of this season. For those who love a more colorful lipstick, it's important to take care of how evident its contrasts are. A red lipstick can overwhelm your appearance and overwhelm your "cleaner" beauty. The best option here is to use a color without much intensity and to work on the gloss, oh yes!!

In Primavera Quente , the ideal makeup also needs to be lightened, in fact, in all of them, due to their main personal characteristics. Pay attention to the colors of blush, lipstick and highlighter, as they are necessary to make your appearance look natural.

This is for Primavera Viva ! To enhance a natural look you need to make use of highlighter, blush and gloss - day and night! Natural in Primavera Viva means "imitating" your personal image, that is, use shine!! A match between bold lips and well-defined eyes are your best hit!

makeup and hair for spring

The Hair of Springs

When it comes to hair, the best tip we can give you is to respect personal contrasts. From platinum to copper, from light brown to red! Just like in summers, the good news, that for those with light skin and hair, WARM blonde locks (in summers it's COLD, ok?) is welcome here. After all, every blonde always wants to be blonder, right? (hahahaha)

Attention!! Springs x gray strands = use a dark gray shampoo to break the platinum aspect of the strands, leaving them more yellowish and in harmony with YOUR skin. Shine is also important here, therefore, we recommend the use of products that accentuate the shiny appearance such as oils, cellophane, etc...

hair shades for springs

Metals for Springs

Primavera Clara is hot, but nothing prevents you from using other metals, in addition to yellow gold. Pink and white gold, and even silver and platinum are valid, and you don't even have to remember that the finish is shiny or polished, right?!

In the case of Primavera Quente , shiny gold is the protagonist, but metals such as copper and rose gold are great options!

And for Primavera Viva , everything that is brighter, more colorful and daring is allowed!! Play with jewelry, darling!! Leave the matte ones for Autumn and Summer, you can and should shine!! Remember: "Gloss always, matte never!!

metals for spring

You can find more tips like this in our digital dossiers! Downloadable PDF files listing over 250 makeup products by season.

With tips like this, the choice of colors is assertive!