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Tips on what to wear for warm, soft and dark autumns

What to wear autumn: warm, soft and dark

What to wear autumn: warm, soft and dark

Here are some tips on what to wear Autumn: warm, soft and dark (the climatic season) is the one that causes the famous "onion effect" in us, at least in the south-southeast regions of Brazil, where the temperature change varies - from The morning is cooler, the afternoon warms up and the night gets cold again. In the north-northeast region, the temperature does not change that much. And this variation in weather is what requires us to always be prepared with our look - it's the combination of short sleeves + jacket! We created a personal coloring guide with suggestions for the 3 Autumns (Dark, Soft and Warm) to create their "looks of the day" according to the temperature outside.

As the hottest days of summer bid farewell, are you prepared for the arrival of the new season?

"Autumn is marked by the fall of leaves. What inspires here is the landscape of a park with the lawn filled with cozy colors - the transition from green to burnt yellow, dark gold, oranges, and reds enhanced by the effect of sun in the evening. Earthy, opaque tones reminiscent of the flavors of autumnal cuisine. A perfectly roasted pumpkin combined with the spiciness of smoked paprika. The colors and aromas of the season are toasty and rich."


This season's palettes are inspired by this color that exists in the landscape. All the colors present are the perfect combination of orange with other tones, creating perfectly burnt colors - greens that remind us of nature, opaque reds like a tiled roof, oranges, burnt yellows and yellowish blues are some of the nuances that enrich the autumns of the methods. expanded seasonal.

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personal autumn coloring cards


autumn combinations
autumn combinations

Dark Autumn: + deep and - warm tones in relation to the other two. Earthy tones, always!

Soft Autumn: has low saturation in its tones, making this season opaque and cozy!

Warm Autumn: it is the warmest and most intense compared to other autumns. But, this intensity is not the same as a hot spring, ok?!

autumn combinations


When it comes to fabrics, autumn women should opt for opaque ones, preferably in natural fibers, such as cotton and linen, for example. In addition to these, the list of best fabrics includes: wool, twill, suede, suede, lace, crepe, polyester, viscose, mesh and chamoix.



In the print, Dark Autumn must prioritize the dark background if it wants to harmonize with its characteristics, bold and stylized shapes of natural autumn elements, such as: ovals, leaves and wooden structures. In Gentle Autumn , the best print options are with low/medium contrasts, as this is what reflects this beauty, and its elements should be small and spaced out. For Warm Autumn, the prints are those that correspond to autumn itself with medium contrast: leaves, wood, oval shapes and unusual and extraordinary effects.

autumn prints


Personal coloring is repetition, so makeup and hair tones need to follow this “rule”. Each one in its due depth and intensity. In metals, it's no different! Gold is the best option for autumn. Other metals, such as silver, for example, have a matte finish. In copper, the darker and hotter the better!

autumn hair and makeup
autumn hair
autumn metals

If you want to know more about the best makeup and hair shades for each season, in addition to metals, in the Digital Dossiers/2023 you will find other tips on how to make your hair and makeup in harmony with your beauty.