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Party Style Dossier - Portuguese

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**Portuguese version**

To the general joy of the crowd, weddings, graduations and the like returned with everything this year. The ceremonialists' agendas are full until 2025, and you must already be looking forward to the first invitation!
The stores stocked up on dresses of the most diverse models and colors to welcome the season! And amid so many options, what to use?
The first doubt that arises when receiving an invitation to a pompous event is: what am I going to wear? Is not it? How to interpret the attire described in the invitation, what is allowed and what should be avoided?
If you want to be on top of the main trends of the year, if you want to rock the runway wearing a "bapho" dress, in that tone that perfectly matches your skin, and receive lots of compliments, this guide will help you.
We gathered the main trends in party style, inspired by the fashion weeks and Red Carpet Style events that took place in recent months and created a Trends and Colors Guide by Season of the Expanded Seasonal Method.
There are numerous references to help you choose the ideal dress for you or your client.

The Dossier is in digital format and has 68 pages of inspirations. It also includes an ideal attire guide (for women and men) so you can understand what the attire indicated on the invitation means.

* Contains 68 pages

* Non-editable files.

* Non-refundable product.

PDF files will be sent to the registration email within 1 business day.

I MPORTANT: Our dossiers cannot be used for any promotion without the logo and mention of our store. According to art. 184 of the Penal Code, any reproduction or copy is prohibited without prior authorization from the author, under penalty of imprisonment and a fine.

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    Party Style Dossier - Portuguese
    Party Style Dossier - Portuguese
    Party Style Dossier - Portuguese
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