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Tips on what to wear for summers

What to Wear Summers: Cool, Soft and Light

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Beginning of the month and how are we? Crazy to receive some tips from the series: WHAT TO WEAR IN SUMMERS!

Today's guide was designed for the Cold Summer, Soft Summer and Light Summer seasons, seasons with such delicate and elegant tone palettes ! And what colors would those be?

1. Summer Palettes

Clear Summer the delicacy in pastel tones! In this season's palette we have cold, light and soft colors, which add a touch of freshness and romanticism to the look, inspired by the "beach air": gray sand contrasting with the crystal clear sea and the blue sky between clouds form a light and soft color. .

In Gentle Summer we see the same beach landscape. This season's cold, soft and light colors come with a drop of gray to neutralize their intensity, tones as pastel as a watercolor painting.

summer color charts

In Cool Summer , the palette has the typical softness of summer landscapes, natural medium level of contrast and medium colors, leaning towards the lighter side. The best colors for this season are cold, so cold blues and pinks are very relevant.

2. Summer Combinations

The best options for Light Summer reflect the contrast in your natural appearance, harmonize and make your face stand out more.

To create a delicate appearance, combinations should not contrast too much with each other. Keeping the colors light is very important, which means you can even use some warmer tones as long as they are light. Its appearance is very clean, even with pastel tones it is possible to create divine productions. Use and abuse your creativity!

light summer combinations
soft summer combinations

Soft Summer doesn't go well with high contrasts, so the best color combinations for this season are those that complement each other - low to medium contrast, always!

Tip from millions: if there's one look that looks incredible here, it's the monochromatic look in pastel and gray tones. If you want to "dare" a little with depth, without forgetting that everything is light, combine different tones, for example: a light watery green and a dark watery green. The combination of neighboring tones with the same value, such as light pastel purple and light pastel blue. Another option is to mix a neutral color with a darker highlight.

cold summer combinations

In the case of Cold Summer , the combinations are not very contrasting, it is better when they complement each other. Why is it important? Using color combinations that reflect the contrast in your natural appearance brings your look to life.

This season, monochromatic combinations in different tones of a color or neighboring tones in the palette (analogous) and the same level of depth have their value! Therefore, use it without moderation!! (hahaha) .

A mix of light neutral + a "slightly" darker pastel highlight color makes the look beautiful!! Remember: neutrals are a Cold Summer’s best friend!

3. Fabrics for summers

Summers should opt for pieces in opaque or dull fabrics.

The absence of high contrast and, mainly, intensity means that these three more delicate seasons require something more subtle and discreet close to their natural beauty! If you are one of those people who don't like pastel colors and can't live without "something more colorful", the best options to be bold without abandoning your style are in the accessories and also in the bottom part of the clothes. Tip: whether you choose shine or a darker tone, a transparent piece looks incredible and doesn't overwhelm your beauty!

fabrics for summers

4. 6. What to wear summers: Prints

The best patterns for Light Summer are those with low contrast , their appearance is clear and the prints must follow and respect this. Delicate prints , watercolor textures, hand-drawn elements and brushstrokes are perfect!

prints for summer looks
prints for summers

In Gentle Summer, no boldness in terms of colors or prints, ok?! Here, a watercolor and floral pattern, delicate drawings and brushstrokes, natural elements are the most recommended. Its natural coloring is of medium contrast, opt for prints that reflect this same level. Forget the famous B&W duo, none of these neutrals harmonize with your beauty!

Tone-on-tone prints with a light background are the most flattering for Cold Summer .

In terms of prints, the three summers are very similar: soft and delicate, with watercolor textures, floral designs and brushstrokes.

5. 6. What to wear in summers: Makeup and Hair

Just like the look, Verão Claro calls for lightness and light colors, obviously! Remember: a natural look for you is very delicate with light brush strokes and soft lines. If you want to maintain harmony between your beauty and your season, no makeup with a thousand colors and full of intensity, ok?

The lighter skin of a Soft Summer contrasts subtly with the darker hair and medium eyes, which means that this contrast needs to be repeated in your makeup. Remember: a natural look is very soft and understated. And the Soft Summer color palette lends itself well to creating the necessary softness.

For the Cold Summer, the combination of colors in makeup is perfect when it is fresh and soft. The contrast in Cold Summer's natural appearance is medium. The skin is very fair, in contrast to darker hair and medium eyes. Remember: a natural look is smooth and clear. For a Cold Summer, when it comes to makeup, less is more. That's right!! No exaggerations this season, either! The three Summers have discreet characteristics and colors, so "highlight" exactly that when doing makeup, whether for day or night.

harmonious makeup for summers

If you are an image consultant and want to make precise recommendations for hair changes, we have the ideal product for you!

In the hair, no extremely radical changes! The good news is that for those with light skin and hair, highlights in a COLD blonde tone are welcome here. After all, every blonde always wants to look blonder, right? (hahahaha)

For a profile with dark hair or eyes, a little care is needed. On dark hair, keep the roots natural and create a lightened look two tones lower than your original.

Tip: the important thing is to always respect your personal contrast and skin undertone.

If you want to know more about the best hair shades for each season, in the Digital Dossiers/2023 you will find other tips on how to make your hair in harmony with your beauty.

hair color suggestions for summer

6. What to wear summers: metals

To my delight, Verão Claro can use hot and cold metals, as long as they are light, ok?! Silver will always be the best option. Gold should be clear and matte. Rosé is perfect! When it comes to stones, opt for lighter ones so as not to overshadow their delicate beauty.

With neutral skin, the best metal options for the Soft Summer are silver and rosé. Gold is worth it, but not that deep or orange. Brushed and hammered metals are good options.

Matte silver metals are a Cold Summer 's best friend. White and rose gold are also recommended. Yellow gold should stay out of your jewelry/bijoux box (maybe at special events lol). The lack of shine in your features is an indication that "excess" is not doing you any favors, so avoid it!

what to wear summers: metals

The What to Wear Summers post is a summary of all the precious tips present in our Seasonal Digital Dossiers.