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Tips on what to wear for winters: cold, dark and alive

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What to wear for winters: cold, dark and alive

Start of the week and how are we? Crazy to receive some tips from the series: WHAT TO WEAR cold, dark and bright winters !

Today's guide was designed for this season with a palette of such sophisticated and glamorous tones! And what colors would those be?


Dark Winter is a mix of depth and coldness. In this season's palette we have cold, dark and intense colors, which convey an icy air and sophistication, as well as a winter landscape.

The colors of Living Winter are extreme, intense, light, dark and vibrant, similar to what we find in precious stones - emerald green, ruby ​​red, amethyst and sapphire blue. He is the brightest of all seasons.

In the cold winter the mix comes with coldness and intensity:

cold, soft and vivid winter color palettes

cold, dark and intense colors. The same cold landscape is seen in the shades of this palette.

Looking at all this intensity, if you are a winter, of course, can you put together your looks for the week? Here, it is now possible to view each of them and we are guaranteed to rock wherever we go! At Drops de Cor we have 3 Winters (2 cold and 1 dark)! How glamorous!!


The depth of the Dark Winter palette is best reflected when you use its colors in high-contrast combinations. So, dear, use and abuse combinations that combine light and dark tones! This is one of the seasons that has the privilege of wearing a completely dark look: all black, navy, gray, burgundy!! If you have intensity, play, baby!!

combinations for cold, dark and lively winters
combinations for cold, dark and lively winters

No matter what “your style”, always prefer the dark tones in the palette to highlight your beauty even more.

The name says it all: VIVO , so this winter intensity is practically law! The more contrasting (high contrast) your combinations are, the better reflected and harmonious your personal image will be! So, check out the neons and sequins! Without exaggeration so as not to end up OVER x10!!

This season, colorblock is super recommended. Create contrast by combining dramatically different hues, that is, use colors opposite each other on the color wheel. E.g.: blue with yellow, green with purple, etc.

Just like other winters, Cold also requires high contrast combinations, this intensity is very favorable. Do you want to see a beautiful and modern look? Neutral + dark or bright highlight color, or even dark neutral + lighter or brighter highlight tone. Divine!!

combinations for cold, dark and lively winters


Winter women should opt for pieces in satin or shiny fabrics. Calm! No need to think that you will become a Drag Queen with so much shine! Remember: Less is more!

Take advantage of the intensity and sophistication of this season's tones and create different looks. If you're more "discreet", opt for a shiny piece. It's worth a neutral look with a third piece (jacket or kimono) that's more "arrived"! And for those who want to be the DIVA of shine, throw yourself into a powerful look full of shine!!

fabrics for cold, dark and brisk winters


For Dark Winter, the patterns must have (to reflect) the same level of natural coloring as their characteristics, that is, everything that has a dark (cold, preferably) background is life, here! Remember that you "breathe" and "inhale" high contrast.

winter prints
winter prints

The prints of A Living Winter are bold! Close your eyes and imagine an outfit with mixtures of light + dark colors, this season's favorite duo, B&W + neon? Rocked!

With high contrast characteristics, Winter Cold needs to let this appear in the print! Great options are found in classic black and white and prints with large elements and vibrant colors.


If Dark Winter is best in clothes when it is intense and contrasted, in makeup it is no different. Highlight your eyes or lips with deep colors. For example: A striking lip contrasting with eyes highlighted in cold tones and marked with eyeliner is a perfect look for this season. If you are a fair-skinned winter, using a dark smoky eye in combination with glossy lips is divine! Opt for fluid pigments in foundation and concealer and use highlighter and gloss.

Clear, contrasty and bright is the perfect combination for a Living Winter makeup. Its natural appearance is vibrant, so when it comes to makeup, you don't need to overuse glitter and highlighter to look "radiant". In makeup, "less is more" is important, too!

Cold Winter calls for an intense and contrasting makeup. No dull nudes (here, yours looks like that!), no neutral colors and little eye makeup. Take note: "Your natural" means high contrast and intensity - striking and bright eyes or mouth -, whether day or night. If you love baphonic makeup, go for it, woman!

winters makeup

In the hair, I'm sorry to say, no "radical" changes! To harmonize the colors found in your profile, cold and dark colors are the most favorable. Blonde, yes, very blonde, never! (laughter!)

Jokes aside, winter blonde needs to be cold, obvious, and not so evident in your locks. A lighter tone around the face is not the best option if you want to maintain harmony between you and the colors. Do not be sad! In the Digital Dossiers/2023, you will find other tips on how to make your hair "bright blonde", "red" or "platinum", without "warming up" its beauty.

winter hair


Dark Winter and Living Winter have a free choice of metals, as it is a neutral season. Of course, due to the tone of the metal, silver will always be the most favorable, especially in brighter (rhinestones) or darker versions.

In the Dark Winter, rhodium is a great metal as it has a dark tone, which harmonizes perfectly with this season. Rose gold is a better option for them, too. Living winter, you know: pieces with stones and shiny details are essential! If it's to shine, SHINE!!

Cold Winter, take note: your best metals are silver and platinum. Run away from the gold, it

it is completely inharmonious with your cold beauty! Shiny metals = go best with its crisp, clear color as opposed to aged, matte or brushed metals. Now run to the jewelry store and be happy!

winter metals