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Personal Coloring Training

Unique methodology where theory and practice are presented in an interactive way!
Cidade Jardim Neighborhood
100% in person
São Paulo

Immersive Experience - Casa dos Sentidos

Our in-person course will take place at Casa dos Sentidos Drops de Cor and will offer a unique and transformative experience in every sense. With direct guidance from Sissa, you will be immersed in an immersive learning environment. In a detailed prepared environment, through practical and interactive analyses, you will learn to identify the ideal colors accurately, understanding how to enhance your clients' appearance in a personalized way. In addition, practical group sessions provide interaction and knowledge sharing, further enriching your color discovery journey. Join us and gain lasting skills to master the art of personal coloring.

We are located in the Cidade Jardim neighborhood with easy access to parking!


Our differences


color drops

In addition to technique, we deliver the vibrant soul of Brazilianness. Our courses, materials and service protocols are designed to create lasting and impactful memories in students and their future clients.

Through art, fashion, self-knowledge and human connection, we will guide you on a meaningful journey of discovery and transformation. We want every interaction experienced here to be a source of inspiration and positivity, leaving a stamp on your personal growth journey. Here, creativity and an exclusive methodology come together to make your knowledge journey unforgettable.



Importance of Personal Coloring in Self-Image!

Why learn to color with us?

  • We pioneered the digital method of personal coloring.

    You will receive further training in the method!

  • We have the largest line of personal coloring materials in the world with stores in Brazil and Europe.

    You will get up to 25% discount on the purchase of materials.

  • Our expert has more than 20 years of experience in fashion as a stylist and image consultant and has more than 10 years of experience abroad: USA and Europe!

    This baggage is passed on to the students through reports of challenging experiences in their careers.

Our expert

Sissa Germann

Fashion designer, image consultant, expert in personal coloring and co-author of the book Dress for Success, our expert is responsible for developing all of Drops de Cor's material courses. She has more than 20 years of experience in fashion and 10 years of experience abroad: Vienna, London and Miami. She has baggage, she has charisma, she has empathy, a lot of knowledge and creativity. With it, you will delve deeper into the broader knowledge of consultancy, actively participating in the entire learning process. There are thousands of clients served and students trained using its methodology. Come and be enchanted by your world of colors!

Who we are


"I want to share with you all my satisfaction in having invested in my training with Drops de Cor. In addition to Sissa being very careful, she teaches in a very practical way, which makes all the difference. The materials are wonderful and access to the Club Coloring is essential for us to gain more confidence to start with the services soon!"

Hanne Kiss

"Much gratitude for learning, trusting and welcoming Drops!
Today I am living the dream of working with Coloring, helping women and growing professionally and financially.
My training with you is recent, but even so, I have already served 7 clients (who are very satisfied and inspired with their cards and
learnings) and now I just closed my March agenda! I was thrilled to have to open a schedule for April already, starting

Lidiane Souza

"I graduated with Drops a year ago, and today I already provide personal coloring. I took advantage of Clube Colorir to improve my look and study more and today I feel super confident with the services!"

Fernanda Miraflores

"I left the Course in love because besides Sissa being a sweetheart, the course has a very particular methodology, it is extremely practical and dynamic. The materials are all incredible. Congratulations to Sissa and the entire Drops team!"

Leticia Yumi

"AMEIII, AND I recommend it to everyone! Special, compact BUT NOT incomplete. Gratitude"

Margareth Alvino

Theoretical Content - Classroom or Hybrid

Module 1 - Origin of Colors

  • What is chromatic analysis and what are its objectives?
  • What are colors and how do they affect visual perception?
  • Relevant studies of Color Theory
  • Introduction to Color Psychology
  • The chromatic circle and its applications in the analysis of personal colors.
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary colors

Module 2 - Color x Personality Relationship

  • Learning to differentiate the effects of the 6 dimensions of color
  • Temperature, Intensity, Depth
  • Message of colors on personality and the effect of their dimensions
  • Overview of the 7 universal styles
  • The colors of the 7 universal styles.

Module 3 - Characteristics of Colors VS Colors of Beauties

  • Introduction to personal coloring.
  • Difference between the Seasonal Method x the Expanded Seasonal Method
  • Identifying the characteristics of skin tones: warm, cool or neutral.
  • Importance of Personal Contrast
  • How to Identify Skin Dimensions
  • Detailed study of the profiles of the 12 stations of the expanded seasonal method
  • How color influences the appearance of skin, hair and eyes.
  • Case Studies

Bonus Module - Setting Up the Business

  • How to price your consultancy.
  • How to have a quality positioning on social networks.
  • How to seek partnerships and become known in your region.
  • What other services can be offered.
  • How to put together packages that vary in services / value.

Practical Content - 100% On-site

Module 4 - Environment, Material and Client

  • Ideal environment to do an analysis.
  • ideal lighting
  • Starter Kit material list
  • Pre-service interview
  • How to conduct customer service.
  • Attendance Form

Module 5 - Test Step by Step

  • Importance of defining personal contrast.
  • Definition of skin dimensions.
  • Definition of skin temperature.
  • Definition of metals for each skin type.
  • Station definition.

Module 6 - Delivery of the Card

  • How to make a very complete delivery of the station.
  • How to interpret the color chart and teach the client not to become her hostage.
  • Presentation of the station's digital dossier.

Online Content - 30 days Access to Coloring Club

Personal Coloring Digital Method - 3h

  • How to find the ideal color harmony for each profile.
  • How to sell a digital analysis.
  • Step by step for the perfect photo.
  • How to interpret the result.
  • How to deliver the result in an online meeting, without losing proximity to the client

Recorded Training Workshops - 9am

  • How to Analyze an Olive Skin
  • How to determine the best hair tones for each profile.
  • How to define the ideal makeup for each season.
  • How to make a perfect station delivery.
  • How to do a Style Diagnosis
  • X-ray of the 12 seasons

Practical Courses - 8h

  • Step by step refresher course
  • Hands-on immersion showing the complete analysis on 10 skin profiles using different methodologies


  • How to do a digital analysis
  • Lipstick guide by season
  • olive skin
  • Chromatic Analysis in Black Skin
  • Dress up for work
  • Jewelry by season and the meaning of colors
  • The ideal step-by-step for your pocket
  • How to price your color analysis
  • Eyeglasses Frame by Season

Digital Dossiers

  • Seasonal Dossiers of the 12 seasons with tips and a list of +250 makeup products per season
  • Party Fashion Dossier
  • Brides Dossier
  • Glasses and Face Shape Dossiers

Who can take the course?

In addition to image consultancy, personal coloring can greatly contribute to professionals in other areas linked to beauty, such as visagists, makeup artists and hairdressers.

Shopkeepers and salespeople also benefit greatly from knowledge of personal coloring as they will be able to give more assertive advice to their customers, suggesting the purchase of pieces that will contribute to the construction of a timeless wardrobe.

Anyone who likes color and wants to learn how to use color can take the course, whether for personal or professional use.

There are no prerequisites for training.


Who should take a personal coloring course?

Learn at the most authentic color school in Brazil!

What makes us truly special is the combination of our unique and assertive methodology with a generous dose of creativity.
We believe there is no single path to personal coloring. It is necessary to have a flexible and innovative approach, which adapts to the individual needs of each client, stimulating each person's authentic expression.

Here, you will be encouraged to embrace all the colors of your soul and allow yourself to shine in a unique and captivating way to inspire color in others and succeed in the world.


Come color with us!

I'm waiting for you in our next class!



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