In the hectic scene of fashion and beauty, where styles and trends intersect in a vibrant dance, a unique and authentic company was born that came to revolutionize the way we express ourselves through personal coloring. With a genuinely Brazilian touch and an innovative approach, Drops de Cor has won the hearts of many. Behind this inspiring journey, we found two brilliant and passionate minds: Sissa and Rapha , the founding partners who brought this visionary endeavor to life.


Stylist who oozes creativity and technical skill. From an early age, Sissa discovered her passion for colors and how they can transform not only people's outer appearance, but also their self-confidence and self-esteem. Her fascination with color psychology and ability to express each individual's unique essence through the right color palette has made her a respected expert the world over. Through years of dedication to her craft, Sissa has developed an innovative approach to personal color, fusing traditional techniques with a contemporary vision. Its objective is to unveil the chromatic harmony of each client, taking into account the individuality, personality and
their lifestyle. This holistic and empathetic approach by Sissa is the beating heart of Drops de Cor, making each session a unique experience of self-knowledge and image enhancement.


An advertising man with a visionary soul and innovative ideas. With a bubbling creative mind, Rapha has always excelled in his career as an advertising director. His passion for the art of visual communication and the ability to tell captivating stories have led him to create impactful advertising campaigns for renowned brands. However, Rapha knew that his journey would not end there. Driven by a deep desire to make a difference and bring something special to the world of fashion and beauty, Rapha joined forces with Sissa. And so, the magic happened. Combining the talents of both, Drops de Cor was born, and Rapha became the master of branding and marketing strategies, creating a unique identity that won the hearts and minds of an audience eager for authenticity.

Under the joint leadership of Sissa and Rapha , the company has blossomed into an oasis of creativity, innovation and, of course, lots of Brazilian bossa. Every customer interaction is a warm and welcoming experience, where the unique essence of each individual is valued and celebrated. Drops de Cor is not just a company, but a vibrant and diverse community of people who have found an authentic way to express themselves.

And so, the story of these two founding partners is intertwined in a beautiful mosaic of colors and ideas. Sissa, the creatively and technically minded stylist, and Rapha, the innovative publicist full of ideas, prove that when passion and purpose meet, the result is something truly exceptional. Drops de Cor is more than a successful company; it is the reflection of two beating hearts that came together to make the world more colorful and authentic.

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