bolsa na coloração pessoal

Which purse should I take?

An essential accessory in a woman's life, the bag, which was once used to carry (only) food tied to a branch or stick (model picture below) - there are records of drawings in the pyramids of Egypt that show people carrying small bags tied to their waists , tied with strings - , has already gone through different models and functions.

Over the (many) years, the bag gained new functionality – from a simple bag tied around the waist to different models – in the past, they matched the print of luxury clothing, worn back in the 15th century – where high society women (royalty) carried their personal and “indispensable” objects, such as a fan, for example. The royal "Madams" already had "that" love for bags, they used one for each outfit, even if it was for an event within their own house.

The best examples of this look+accessory combo in combination are in the costumes of period films and series. Take a look at the characters in the English series "Bridgerton" - The plot is set in the 1800s in the Regency Period, in London.

scene from Bridgerton - Netflix series

We already matched the color of the bag with the shoe, today, not anymore, thank God, because this pattern of combination is very limiting, right?! With so many color options, it has become less common to use the same color on your bag and shoes (some people even find it tacky). Of course, you need to have common sense to avoid looking too carnival using 1001 colors in your look. Remember: less is more!

Classic combination: shoes and bag in the same color
Organized bag

But the history of the bag goes much further...

Thinking about “today”, the bag reflects the personality of its owner – from the inside, with a peculiar organization (or mess), to the outside, which conveys a little of what she wants to “appear”. Organizers are a great option for those who hate clutter and don't find things in their "own bag".

What would the expanded seasonal method’s 12-season scholarships look like? There are hundreds of models, colors, sizes, designs and brands! And we know that you love bags, just like us, from the Drops de Cor team, so prepare your eyes and hearts, of course, because we have put together a guide with options for all tastes - neutral to discreet and colorful, to Who can't live without a more "impactful and cheerful" look!


A palette of light and delicate tones could not be different when choosing the color of the bag. Neutrals range from off-white to light beige, to harmonize with the characteristics and contrasts of this season's profiles. Chosen color, pay attention to the model - different shapes have our hearts and yours?!

The neutrals for Hot Springs are: off-white, nude, straw, peach and light brown - elegant and that combine with a more formal look. The colorful part of this spring's palette has warm and bright tones! A bag in any of these tones is the epitome of a happy, modern and creative look. Mix of textures make all the difference!

The neutral and colorful options in the Primavera Viva palette are very similar to Primavera Quente, with the difference that, here, black, white and brightness are released. Take advantage of the fact that metallic is all the rage in 2023, perfect your look and add a worthy bag to shine!


Just like Primavera Clara, Verão Claro is discreet and without any major heavy or intense details. The neutrals are in harmony with the other shades present in this season's palette, which are: antique pink, nude, gray and off-white. Smaller models "seem" to be more delicate and harmonious with the colors in this palette. It will be?

The colors for accessories (bags or shoes) that best suit this season are: gray, pink nude, camel and shades of blue. Elegant models deserve sophisticated colors - look at the Chanel model (a chic woman's favorite brand), in a gray tone, pure luxury, right? The "colorful" part of the palette is stunning, it looks incredible on any model - fashionable and "causative", be it a maxi or mini bag! The important thing is to be in harmony with the natural beauty of a cold summer!

This season we have cold, grayish colors. A palette with discreet tones where pastel and low-contrast colors predominate - and this is visible in your accessories. Soft summer colors are in harmony with each other, combined with each other. Neutrals, once again, make the bag incredibly elegant and sophisticated - luxury brands say so! Coincidence or not, smaller models go well with all this delicacy. Do you agree?


A season of strong and powerful colors! Here, black and white - classic and basic - harmonize like no other tone. Within the neutrals, we can include gunmetal gray and navy blue, in addition to B&W, of course! Dark and intense colors are part of this palette. Use natural leather, varnish and satin or metallic fabrics in different and creative models. A mix of textures and details help to enhance the bag!

Another winter where black and white are "kings"! Luxury model, with chain strap, gives the bag a “glamorized” look. Crocodile, quilted, square, round, shoulder strap or hand strap, it doesn't matter, use a neutral model to make the look more sophisticated. If you're one of those who prefer "real colors", this season has great options! Intensity + depth = Cold Winter! If it has a different design, then? You killed it, girl!!

Is it shine you want? It's shine you'll have!! If there's a season that can and should use shine, it's Winter Alive!! In neutral or colors! A bold model with studs or other details that are not at all discreet make the bag “naturally” powerful. If you add textures and design, then yes, the power is in you!! Use and abuse colors to your advantage, regardless of whether the bag is S, M or L!!


We arrived in autumn - 3 seasons with "naturally" darker palettes that visibly harmonize with any shade of brown, caramel, wine and moss green. In Dark Autumn, specifically, these tones gain greater depth to harmonize with your personal characteristics and contrasts. Look there, once again, a Chanel model starring in neutrals! Luxury, total!

Neutrals with a burnt wood look! This fall's warm tones give the bag a more structured look. And unlike Dark Autumn and Soft Autumn, which are more opaque, here, the tones are woody, but with a radiant touch. Although these colors "seem" more serious, it is possible to find more stylish and colorful bags! Choose models with details, this gives a special touch!

With a reputation for being the most "boring" color palette, the Soft Autumn bags are here to prove that this is not true! Both in neutral and colorful tones, the colors are perfect for beach/straw bags, super popular this summer. Classic models from luxury brands (even fake lol) look very sophisticated in this autumn's light and soft tones. And this same sophistication appears in bags with different colors from the autumnal palette, obviously!

Ufa! There's so much bag that it never ends. And over the years (and centuries), textile and design technology advances daily, adapting to changes in culture and the female role in society. From the classic and desired Chanel to the questionable taste and cost models from Balenciaga (such as the trash bag bag), it is still the most used accessory by us women and also by men (postman model)!

So, is your heart still firm and strong after so many beautiful bags?