ton de cabelos ruivos na coloração pessoal

Discover the shades of redheads in personal coloring

Have you ever found yourself admiring the beauty of redheads and wondering how some of them look simply stunning while others may not look so stunning? Well, the answer may lie in personal coloring. Just like any other hair color, skin color, eye color, and personal characteristics play a key role in choosing the perfect shade of red. Let's explore the different shades of redhead and how you can find your ideal match.

Redheads in personal coloring
image showing profiles of redheads in personal coloring.

Are you one of those people who looks at someone else and, "unconsciously", begins to analyze their personal coloring characteristics? This is typical of an image consultant! It's a great way to train your eyes and identify the main characteristics (temperature, depth and intensity) of each person.

If two redheaded women are in the same room, can you tell which station she "supposedly" belongs to? Redheads are more common in autumn and spring and the difference between the two seasons is in very clear details. If you look carefully you will notice that:

redheads in personal coloring: spring
redheads in personal coloring: autumn

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The difference is between the intensity and depth (skin, hair and eyes) of a spring and an autumn and that will indicate which way it is leaning. The table below shows the levels of these characteristics between the two seasons:

tip of redheads
spring and autumn redheads

Sardines on the face are characteristic of profiles with hot temperatures. Autumns have more intensity and proportion than springs.

Red hair for warm skin of personal coloring

Orange Red:

If you have fair skin with pink or peach tones, light eyes and freckles, orange red can be an excellent option. This shade is known for its brightness and vitality. Redheads with this personal coloring often have a natural, healthy look, as if they've just returned from a walk outdoors.

orange redhead

Copper Red:

Copper red is an incredible choice for people with warmer skin, golden or yellow tones. This color can brighten the face and create a beautiful contrast. If you have green or brown eyes, copper red can enhance your appearance even more. Seek to enhance the image with personal coloring .

coppery red

Natural Redhead:

If you want a more discreet and natural look, you can opt for natural red. This color often approaches soft copper tones and is suitable for a variety of skin tones. Natural redheads have a warm and inviting appearance, which can be enhanced by highlighting the eyes.

marina rui barbosa redhead

Before making a decision, consider consulting with a professional colorist who can analyze your personal coloring and offer expert guidance. Finding the perfect shade of red for you can make a noticeable difference to your appearance and confidence. So go ahead and embrace the power of the redhead that suits you best!

We hope this guide has helped you understand the different shades of red and how to choose the right color according to your personal coloring. No matter which shade you choose, remember to take good care of your hair to keep it healthy and radiant. Be a stunning and confident redhead!