Autumn-Winter Season - 2023 Trends for Shoes

The days of heat are numbered (phew!), and the autumn-winter season is approaching. Alive!!

Today we want to talk (and show, of course) about the shoe trends that will invade street style in Brazil and around the world! 2023 promises to leave you high and comfortable (is that possible?)!! You just have to see it to believe it!

Let's see then!! A mix of moods - from elegant and comfortable to creative and casual. Want to understand better? So, look at the guide we put together with the trends for our beloved feet! It's for Cinderella no fault!!

1. MOCASSIN - the traditional

An old-new trend. Created in the 17th century by a tribe of North American Indians, they were made with rawhide and tree bark, with the intention of providing protection on uneven terrain and withstanding the long walks and pilgrimages they made.

Many years later, around the 50s, the moccasin gained worldwide prominence with nothing more, nothing less than the King of Rock Elvis Presley, adopting the shoe in his performances, making it his trademark. Still in the musical world, the king (of pop) Michael Jackson appeared wearing it and ended up influencing his fans to try these comfortable and versatile shoes.

In Brazil, the moccasin has gained space and has been making waves among consumers of all ages! Every year a new version appears! Let's go to the classic model:

2. MOCASSIM - Tratorada Sole version

In 2022, the classic model gained a more fashionista version. Moccasins with tractor soles, a trend last year, are here to stay!! Robust in a neutral or colorful tone, it is a total hit among women who are more fashion-conscious and can't do without a trend. The good thing about this trend is that it's not just limited to cold days, it can be worn with lighter outfits, even without socks (or invisible socks)! And the tractor sole is a trend in other shoes too, boots, combat boots and the Mary Jane model (doll-style shoes).

3. SNEAKERS - a fashion classic

Around 1681, the first sneakers with heels appeared. However, it was in 1956 that she gained "notoriety", when the Repetto Ballet Company created the Cendrillon model, at the request of the movie star, actress Brigitte Bardot, who did ballet and liked the comfort offered by the shoes.

The sneaker has gained different versions over the years, gaining colors, shapes, accessories and heels! It once again became a "national preference" during the pandemic, where people opted for more comfort in their "less produced" moment.

Currently, it gained prominence in productions at fashion weeks and street style last year.

4. BICOLOR - fashionista mood on

And it seems that it won't just be in boots that we will have this style. This includes moccasins, sneakers and combat boots. This white boot model with elastic on the side and platform sole has been around since last year's autumn-winter season. This means that, certainly, if you bought one for the same reason, you will be able to use, abuse and buy other colors, too!! Play!!

For those who have or like a more urban and laid-back style, wearing with wideleg, mom, or destroyed jeans makes the look incredible and chic!!


I'm back, baby!! One of the most classic models is back! Over the knee arrived softly in 2018 and will stay for another season! This winter's favorite trend will feature models with thin, block or flat heels - any of which are perfect for the intensely cold days that are coming soon! The over the knee can be found in versions: more sexy/elegant like the knit (tight upper, heel and pointy toe) and also a more modern and cool slouch (loose/wide upper, block heel, platform or flat) .

6. METALLIC - let's go shiny, yes!

It's not new that the shine of metallics left the atmosphere of parties and clubs and invaded street style in broad daylight, of women with a more daring and modern personality.

So, you can continue (or start) betting, as metallics are another trend that came quietly in 2022 to take root in 2023! I have no doubt that this mood will remain and gain more and more space here!

Tip from millions: even if you have a “so much shine” style, leave the metallic only on your feet, ok? Opt for a more "clean" look, so as not to end up with a very "carnival" look.

And we've already released a little spoiler below: metallic bags in 2023? Yes!!

7. SHARK LOCK BOOTS by Givenchy

In Brazil, it is the "boot with a cape! It is among the favorites of the moment, including a trend that took off on social media with jeans on top. And it could not have been "created" by any other brand than the French brand Givenchy! Despite being "born" in 2022 - around here, some short-top versions have already timidly appeared - by 2023 the top promises to go up and, if you mess up, the heel will go sky high too!! I'm already crazy about this chic outfit and baphonic!

8. WESTERN - The return of those who (never) left

This is another model that says goodbye, but always ends up returning to the fashion scene! Western or popularly known as - cowboy, the model has greater visibility at music festivals (Lollapalooza, Rock in Rio and country rodeos), its traditional style comes with contrasting stitching or more trendy models such as metallic and colorful - these are strong bets for the new season 2023!! With and without fringes (oops, spoiler alert)!!

Are you ready for this new 2023 mood? I'm very prepared, I even have my wonderful white western and full of charm!!